please Compare Swiss Vs Swiss Replica Watches

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There are several reasons to NOT own a replica. Whether or not how close they resemble the real one, they are still fake. If you wear one and hang out with people who own/owned a real swiss watch, they be able to tell. The best way to figure out the differences is, visit a genuine watch dealer. Some good starter watches are Raymond Weil, Rado, Maurice Lacroix (few models) and Tag Heuer (few others exist). Quartz watches are cheaper than automatics. Then visit folks who sell watches from their jacket pockets (NYC has plenty). I am not being sarcastic, but this way, you get to see the fake ones without buying them. The craftsmanship will be extremely poor (rugged edges, cheap plastic instead of metal, etc). They sell swiss watches ranging from few hundred dollars to several thousand. Cheers!

Actually to the unlearned it not easy for them to identify a replica watch especially one that is well made (if they even look at your watch) so normally people will judge the wearer and not the watch. Let say that someone you know is doing part time jobs at a fast food chain and you see him wearing a $15k watch. Will you think of the watch as genuine, even if it is real stuff? So firstly, the person and not the watch that matters when it comes to people perception. About replica watches, apart from the inferior quality and material which are obvious, you could land yourself with a hefty fine for wearing one. There are some Swiss made brands that are inexpensive and affordable. They are lowertier brands and their watches can be had from as low as $150, which can be about the same amount of money for a top grade replica. Wenger is one brand that comes to mind. So why buy a replica Swiss watch when you can own an original?

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