2015 SIHH Cartier Most Complication Watches–Rontonde de Cartier

How to integrate three most representative complications in to an automatic winding watch of 5.49mm of its thickness? How to set off its tourbillon beauty to its best? How to reveal the secret of the movement? How to combines jewelries with watches? Now in the 2015 SIHH Cartier Most Complication watch–Rotonde de Cartier will answer your question.

Rotonde de Cartier is really a visual feast before you. It consists of 578 components, and it took 5 years to developed it, 15 weeks in polishing it, 10 weeks to engrave it, and 5 weeks to assemble it. It automatic winding movement only measures 5.49 mm, and has the most famous three complication: perpetual calendar, minute repeater, and floating tourbillon.

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Three complications: great challenge

Integrating minute repeater, perpetual calendar, and floating tourbillon in a movement requires several master skills. Designers from Cartier replica are those who have great kills and are capable of achieving that beautiful sound, exquisite perpetual calendar and prefect precision.

Crystal space

Rotonde de Cartier is fitted with a skeleton movement and displays the advantage of skeleton movement in various way. 9406 crystal movement displays the minute repeater, perpetual calendar and floating tourbillon before us, making people be able to appreciate its grandeur. Most components that make up these three complications are crystal. In this movement, chamferng on the bridge, wire drawing, and gem-inserting skills are employed. The skeleton dial make the dial align in a harmonious way.

Terrific movement

9406 MC movement only measures 5.49mm. Cartier re-engineered its three complications, and place small gears, clutches, and hairsprings in such a tiny space. That would totally reflect Cartier’s experience in making top watches in world. 9406 MC is powered by the platinum mini-rotor that has Cotes de Geneve on it. This double layers of rotor could reduce the time loss in winding it up.

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