Replica Rolex Cellini series wristwatch shows grace and intellectuality

12To show respect to Benvenuto Cellini and those sculptor and goldsmith who belong to the Pope and King in The Renaissance Period, Rolex makes a series of wristwatch in particular carves those masters’ name. Watchmaking technology has transformed from one single craftsman in his own field to superb technician cooperating with each other. As a result, every Rolex wristwatch is the perfect combination in both professional skill and sophisticated technology.

In 1928, the Rolex Prince was born and then enjoyed a great popularity whose accuracy went down in watchmaking history. With its fashion-forward rectangle design and splendid movement performance, the Prince has become the symbol of superb rolex swiss replica watches. In spite of discontinued in the late 1940s, the Prince pushed the elegance and accuracy of Rolex wristwatch to the peak of the world level which was also the first mass-produced watch acquiring the COSC.

The significance of aesthetic consideration about the appearance of movement is as good as its function of accurate timing. As a matter of fact, a rolex swiss replica design and making of the movement is closely bound up with that of surface, case and watch band. And we will have a panoramic view on the exquisite structure of the movement through the transparent case back cover.

Rolex Cellini Time wristwatch series of black dial in type 50505
Type: Rolex Cellini
Movement: automatic mechanism
Case texture: 18K rose gold
Bond texture: belt
Case diameter: 39mm
Domestic price: 125700 RMB

Comments about the watch:
Simple and clear dial not only shows respect to the perpetual rule of traditional watchmaking but remake the essence of the wristwatch with graceful modern pattern including the slender and unique Roman numbers and the slender hour markers that approach to the end of the needle separated by the minute’s orbit which is moved to the middle of the dial. On the strength of this fascinating automatic-winding movement, the carved and double-edged-sword-shaped needles run every minute and hour accurately.

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